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a r e  b o u d o i r  b o d i e s

what is boudoir?

I'm frequently asked this question as many people aren't familiar with this style of photography. I was typing the same question into the Google search engine only a few years ago! Boudoir photography is about revealing your sensual & playful side. Boudoir is intimate portraiture, sexy glamour photos, tasteful & romantic imagery... it's a session designed to empower you.

Before you read on it's important to understand that you DO NOT need to be a size 10 model to sit a boudoir session. I encourage ALL women regardless of their size to consider a boudoir shoot at least once in their life. It's the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself, give you a confidence boost & you will have beautiful photos to reflect back on later in life. Why wouldn't you want to consider this?!

It's completely normal to feel anxious leading up to the shoot, especially if it's your first time doing something like this. Getting down to your underwear in front of a stranger to take pictures sounds a bit weird & I completely understand that. The worst part of the experience is the lead up to the shoot. Once your session has finished, you will leave feeling like a rockstar & this is exactly why I love shooting boudoir. It's so much more than taking beautiful pictures, I want to hear your story & your reasons behind doing the shoot. It's so important to me that I can make you feel comfortable throughout your session I want to joke around, get silly & share some laughs with you. I want to get to know you! 


" take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. you may currently think 'oh, I'm too spooky, or nobody wants to see these tiny boobies,' but believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say 'dear god I was a beautiful thing! "

- Moria Rose, 'Schitt's Creek'

An absolutely incredible experience, to say the least. I was so nervous going into the photo shoot lacking in confidence. By the time we finished, I was feeling on top of the world. She definitely knows what she's doing, all the tips and tricks! She made me feel better in front of the camera. Thank you, Jacqui for an awesome experience & some incredible photos!


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